Hybrid Work

Introducing the Future of Work Pioneers

We have been interviewing 2000+ people in the past years and now we are ready to share their insights. We’re excited to announce our new Future of Work Pioneers interview series.



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  1. a person who is among the first to explore or settle in a new country or area. 

The future of work is no longer in the future. It’s here now. 

As the result of covid, 9 out 10 companies are abandoning traditional work models of 9am-5pm | 5 days a week in favor of a hybrid work model. We’re all living through a global sea-change moment that will have unprecedented multi-dimensional implications. With 90% of the 1BN+ knowledge-based workers globally being impacted, this is a plate tectonic shift that will introduce tidal waves of change into our world.

Key themes such as mindful work/life balance, the evolution of commercial real estate, and mixed-modality collaboration will be emerging over the next decade. There’s no playbook in this new frontier land but we do have some pioneers -- people who are cutting a new path of innovation.

Over the last 2+ years, we’ve spoken with 2,000+ of these pioneers and their feedback and knowledge share have been the foundation for building the KettleOS platform. The experience has been invaluable but we have one major regret -- we failed to memorialize these conversations! If we had been recording them, we’d be in a position to write one hell of a book!

So, we’re now course correcting. We’ll be memorializing these conversations going forward and sharing their great insights with all of you. 

We’re excited to announce our new Future of Work Pioneers interview series. We’ll be featuring a variety of innovators who are trailblazing in this new territory. We’ll be going deep with organizational leaders, consulting experts, and other thought leaders and bringing you their front-line insights.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions for interesting folks to highlight. Enjoy!


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