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Kettle: Pioneering New Hybrid Work Models

In an interview with HR.com, our co-founders, Dan Rosenzweig, and Nick Iovacchini, share the story behind Kettle and how they pioneer new hybrid models.

Tell us the Story behind the company. What Led You to Start it?

Kettle is the result of us spending the last five years endeavoring to pioneer new hybrid work models. Owing to the pandemic, the need for a host of new hybrid solutions has never been greater. Leveraging our existing expertise in technology and work environments, inspired by Dan’s initial vision for innovative workspace models, put us in a unique position to understand the needs of the emerging hybrid models and respond quickly with comprehensive solutions.

A brief about the company and its products.

Kettle is a workspace technology company built to navigate this new territory known as hybrid. KettleOS is a Work Experience (WX) platform that empowers organizations to launch and maintain smart hybrid work models. Not only does it address the challenges of today, but also helps leaders look around the corner for future challenges associated with the progression of hybrid. At the same time, it also provides employees or end users an intuitive mobile app interface that helps them unlock purposeful experiences that support engagement, productivity, and collaboration in the new hybrid work environment. 

What are the new trends that you see in the HR market where you could be catering to?

Hybrid is here to stay! This is a true sea change moment in which more than 50% of the global workforce will be impacted. A thoughtful hybrid model cuts across a myriad of layers within an organization including: HR policies, talent advantages, employee experience considerations, real estate + facilities, culture, productivity, engagement, and change management. With this much complexity, solution providers need to take a 360-degree approach and work closely with leadership to understand goals and relevant KPIs across the organization. 

What new improvements are you planning to your solutions?

 KettleOS will allow leaders to launch a hybrid model with the intent to improve the model over time by leveraging data and insights. Considering that everything continues to change, by design our product will help leaders adapt as the model progresses and new learnings emerge. 

Could you please share a case study?

Absolutely, during a time of unprecedented complexity, a globally recognized NYC-based university was able to deliver a compelling hybrid experience to users by utilizing Kettle’s technology, flexible space offerings, and expertise. The partnership has been a success because it has involved various stakeholders from the ecosystem, clear objectives, feedback loops with leadership and users. Overall, it’s been highly collaborative and iterative by leveraging the right quantitative and qualitative data. 

What are the market pain points that you address?

We talked to more than a thousand executives over the last year as the pandemic was evolving, and we realized early on there would be new challenges emerging with respect to coordinating people, time, and space. Noticing that new choices and new policies are needed to be created to help managers and leaders run their teams successfully and support users’ different options in returning to work. We are aware that routines will change almost daily and it will be critical to create continuity of work experience in the hybrid world, regardless of where people work (home, office, or near home) on any given day.


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Kettle CEO & Co-founder Nick Iovacchini is a serial founder who's built successful ventures across a wide range of industries. Companies he's started have grossed $70MM+ in revenue, sold 10MM+ consumer products, and provided services to 1MM+ people. Nick is passionate about building products that make a positive impact on people's lives and ensuring that the time we spend together counts.



Kettle co-founder Dan Rosenzweig is a Future of work visionary. He was selected as the Nasdaq Business Rockstar. Early WeWork; facilitated WeWork expansion to 4.5M square feet of locations in 35 cities across 6 continents. He is an Ex-Alvarez & Marsal. He successfully completed his education at Vanderbilt University with a BA in Economics & History. 


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